The Superbia Group 

is a financial services company made up of a family of subsidiaries and brands that work together to deliver a truly client centric proposition. 
The companies associated with the group operate independently of each other. The services we offer complement each other which results in a more holistic and enhanced offering. 
What makes us different from financial service consolidators is the strong focus on ensuring cultural values align and that any new acquisitions or additions to the business share the same client centric purpose. 
The Superbia Group was formed in 2019 and have an ambition to become a leading provider of quality advice, whilst also delivering strong financial returns for investors. The Superbia Group has approximately £200m of client assets under advice and £4.5bn of assets under influence. 

The Superbia Group currently consists of several brands, including Furnley House, Asset Intelligence Research, Asset Intelligence Portfolio Management, Superbia Financial Planning and Aquarius Wealth Management. More information on some of these can be found below. 

Asset Intelligence Research 

Formed in 2008, Asset Intelligence Research was created to help IFA firms and wealth managers who required the support of an investment department but didn’t have the resources to build their own team. From those humble beginnings, Asset Intelligence has since grown into one of the most successful and respected independent investment consultancy firms in the UK, with over £4.5bn of client assets under advice. 

Furnley House 

Furnley House is a firm of Independent Financial Advisers. Founded in 2013 to solve the issue of a lack of good quality, accessible advice available in the marketplace, FH has grown into an established, successful IFA, helping thousands of happy clients work towards their dreams. Now of the Financial Times and New Model Adviser Top 100 firms, they can help with wealth management and inheritance tax planning, investment and retirement planning, mortgages, life assurance and family protection and much more. 
The purpose of the group is to enable the subsidiaries to operate as independent brands, continuing to do what they do well, but with the added advantage of increased expertise and insight available from other parts of the group (for example FH can offer AI direct feedback as to the needs of the end client). The group structure also offers increased efficiencies through the shared resources available (i.e. HR, marketing and finance). 

Superbia Financial Planning 

Superbia Financial Planning gives Financial Planners with values and beliefs similar to the Superbia Group the opportunity to be part of an ambitious company with their clients at the heart of their proposition. 
Joining us has never been easier, we'll work with to understand your objectives and you can join us as an Appointed Representative or Self Employed adviser. 

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Call us on: 0116 2696311 
Visit us at 340 Melton Road,  
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Superbia Group Ltd includes a number of associated companies consisting of Furnley House, Superbia Financial Planning. Aquarius Wealth Management, Asset Intelligence Portofolio Management and Asset Intelligence Research. 
Superbia Group Ltd is registered in England and Wales, Companies House number 10963538 
Asset Intelligence Research Ltd is registered in England and Wales: Companies House number 06872626 
Furnley House Ltd is authorised and regulated by the FCA (624579), Companies House number 08965758 
Superbia Financial Planning Ltd is authorised and regulated by the FCA (224031), Companies House number 04667496 
Aquarius Wealth Management is authorised and regulated by the FCA (472466): Companies House number 06337859 
Asset Intelligence Portfolio Management Ltd is authorised and regulated by the FCA (842662): Companies House number 11955590. 
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