Asset Intelligence is an independent consultancy that provides investment research and portfolio management solutions to financial advice firms across the UK. Our philosophy is: 

“Built by advisers. Powered by investment experts. Delivered for clients.” 

At Asset Intelligence we don’t sell solutions. Rather we work with you to deliver a solution that is tailored to the needs of you and your clients. Whether this be a one-off piece of research or full ongoing support as your ‘insourced investment department’. Whatever your requirements, we can build a solution that fits you. 

Asset Intelligence Research (AIR) 

At Asset Intelligence Research, we offer a range of research solutions, whether you’re looking for quarterly reports to support your investment proposition or simply want to commission an individual piece of research. 
If you’re looking for research in the investment space, we can provide a number of different research reports, including: Fund panels, Exchange traded product panels, Model portfolio reviews, DFM reviews, GFP reviews, Absolute return reviews, Financial strength reviews 
These reports can be provided as one-off events or we can provide on a regular frequency, such as a quarterly basis. 

Asset Intelligence Portfolio Management (AIPM) 

AIPM is a discretionary fund manager that builds and manages discretionary investment portfolios for IFA firms. Founded in 2019, AIPM represents the first working example of the value offered through the formation of the Superbia Group. 
With both Furnley House (FH) and other clients of Asset Intelligence Research (AIR) displaying a desire to implement a discretionary solution, work commenced on forming a new company and building the proposition. Utilising employees of both FH and AIR, and by bringing in external directors, AIPM was formed to offer a proposition designed by financial advisers, powered by investment experts and delivered for end clients. 
Whilst AIPM utilises employees from both FH and AI, and builds on the foundations from within the group, it operates as a completely standalone company, offering a distinct proposition to the external market. 

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Superbia Group Ltd includes a number of associated companies consisting of Furnley House, Superbia Financial Planning. Aquarius Wealth Management, Asset Intelligence Portofolio Management and Asset Intelligence Research. 
Superbia Group Ltd is registered in England and Wales, Companies House number 10963538 
Asset Intelligence Research Ltd is registered in England and Wales: Companies House number 06872626 
Furnley House Ltd is authorised and regulated by the FCA (624579), Companies House number 08965758 
Superbia Financial Planning Ltd is authorised and regulated by the FCA (224031), Companies House number 04667496 
Aquarius Wealth Management is authorised and regulated by the FCA (472466): Companies House number 06337859 
Asset Intelligence Portfolio Management Ltd is authorised and regulated by the FCA (842662): Companies House number 11955590. 
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