Acquiring the Richard Billington business

01.01.20 12:11 PM Comment(s) By Ibbo

In December 2019 the group completed the acquisition of Richard Billington (IFA) Ltd. The firm has been providing practical financial planning advice to individuals, families and businesses in Leicestershire and the surrounding area since 2003. 
After months of searching and approaching various companies – large and small, Richard got in touch with Furnley House. After several meetings, he felt Furnley House would provide the best solution for the clients that he had worked so hard to help. This was largely due to both companies sharing the same values and commitment to providing a personal client service. What’s more, the Furnley House team would provide a great opportunity for their adviser Matt to grow and use his skills and experience to help Richard’s clients as well as those of Furnley House. 
This has shown that Furnley House can provide an exit strategy for firms looking to hand over clients to an established, client centric company.
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